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Darnel Wrap Stretch Films

Meat and Produce Films
Meat and Produce Films
Darnel's meat and produce films are ideal for wrapping meat, seafood and produce in manual, semi-automatic and automatic operations. 

The unique film properties allow for the transfer of CO2 and O2, all while protecting food from contamination and extending shelf life of the product. Additionally, the film strenght and tear properties help improve integrity of the package through the rigors of the distribution channel to the end cosumer. 
The exceptional cling, clarity and gloss properties of the film enhance overall product presentation. A variety of offerings are available to meet your specific product application needs.
General Purpose Films and Heavy Duty Films
Our general purpose films are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a wide range od package sizes.
These films can be used in manual and automatic packaging operations for meat and produce applications. Darnel films are ideal for use in tray overwrap operations at both processors and supermarkets.

These films have excellent adherence ensuring a tight package to avoid leakage. Heavy Duty films are ideal for the packaging of large or irregularly shaped objects and bone-in products where a tougher film is necessary to avoid punctures and tearing.  
Printed Films
Printing capabilities are avilable for our meat and produce films. Printed films are ideal for enhancing your brand.

Automatic Packaging Films
We offer a wide variety of films designed to withstand the rigors of automatic packaging operations. Darnel can recommend the best film for your equipment and offers a variety of gauge rangers for your specific neeeds.

Mushroom Films
In addition to our standard meat and produce film offerings, Darnel has developed a specially formulated film for packaging mushrooms. The mushroom film offers superior anti-fog properties to aid in the prevention of moisture build up. 


We know that our packaging is just a display case for your product. For that reason we have developed a new set of high visibility cake domes that brings more clarity to the product being packaged.

For higher breathability we have developed a new set of micro-perforated films that are ideal for packaging delicate fruits and vegetables as well as mushrooms...

Featured products

Darnel offers a Green alternative to traditional take out containers without compromising on functionality.

Darnel Polyolefin Shrink Films provide improved strength and excellent sealing.