Our commitment with the environment

In our facilities

Darnel is committed to operating with responsible labor practices and best in class manufacturing disciples with the environment in mind. All of our manufacturing facilities use technologies that protect the environment as well as adhere to stringent internal standards that exceed local regulations. As an example, our foam products are certified free of chlorofluorocarbons and do not deplete the ozone layer in accordance with the Montreal Protocol set by the United Nations.


We are committed to minimizing our carbon footprint and its impact on the environment. All of our facilities properly dispose of industrial and water waste created in the manufacturing process, often recycling these within our plant. We care about improving the environment of our facilities and our communities by preserving the ecosystem.




As compared to other manufacturing processes, we not only consume 30 – 40% less energy but also achieve nearly 80% more in energy savings.

In our products

As part of our sustainability strategy, we implement eco-designs in our products. We develop packaging with qualities and attributes that bring benefits of environmental factors such as reduced space use (more compact and stackable packaging), transport efficiency by minimizing costs (lower volume and weight of the product while retaining its quality and resistance), food protection and therefore less waste generation.




Our line of PET packaging was designed with the environment in mind. These durable and functional products are constructed of non-porous materials to better protect and preserve packaged content. In addition to being
100% recyclable, these products are produced from 60 – 80% post-consumer recycled content and are packaged in 100% recycled cardboard.
We work hand in hand with our customers and end users to find solutions to reduce waste and continue to support recycling programs in our communities.



We evaluate the life cycle of the products we make and manufacture products using minimal resources and energy. We are at the forefront of technology to develop products that are 100% recyclable from the highest quality standards.

DARNEL products and their packaging are 100% recyclable

Our products and processes were designed with our planet in mind. We have implemented a clean and responsible manufacturing process, operating with less energy and generating less waste. Additionally, our PET products require less consumption of raw materials. Our products are produced with post-consumer recycled content and are approved by the FDA. Our efforts to provide sustainable, eco-friendly products further highlight our commitment to our valued business partners and surrounding communities.